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Helite GP Air Track Vest

Practical, lightweight and discreet with an aerodynamic design and flexible fit, the Helite GP Air Track  Airbag Vest is specially developed for the race track. It also works for leather jackets with humps for the street rider. With the GP Air Track Vest there is no front zipper or buckle on the chest. This is in order to allow the rider much more ease when sliding from side to side on the tank. With the integrated foam surrounding the cartridge area, you won’t even notice it’s there.

The design of the GP Air Vest focuses on aerodynamic design while making space for your race suit's or jacket's hump. This vest guarantees the most optimum protection without sacrificing comfort. The airbag system boasts full protection when deployed, covering your torso with a full inflation time of 74-milliseconds. That makes it the fastest mechanically triggered airbag system on the planet.


  • Full protection for the rider’s back, neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, head, pancreas, liver, lungs, etc. with an inflation time​ of 75-milliseconds​ for optimal pressure

  • Turtle Technology is a similar principle to that of a motorcycle helmet: hard shell exterior with a soft impact interior. A  big improvement on an

    incredible safety innovation, Turtle Technology results in the absorption and distribution of high velocity impacts

  • Designed and tested on race tracks by racers for racers. The GP Air’s tight body fit has been designed with stretch panels on the side and space for your race leather’s hump in mind

  • Constructed with strong abrasion resistant leather (cowhide 1.2mm) as well as a foam lining to protect the airbag chamber

  • Quick and easy to replace CO2 cartridge can be done by the rider in minutes following deployment

  • 100% mechanically triggered avoids airbag deployment and also eliminates the need for batteries or complicated system calibration

  • Added feature gives rider zipper access to stitch on logos for various sponsors

  • All sizes use 60CC air cartridge

Choose your size here:

AIRNESTAdult SAdult MAdult LAdult XL
Height (cm)155 - 170165 - 178170 - 185180 - 195
Waist line (cm) with equipement90 - 10095 - 110100 - 115105 - 120

This size chart is for information only. It is most important to have a close-fitting GP-AIR for the aerodynamics and it must go down 10 cm under the iliac crest (hip bone).

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