Helite Leather XENA (Women's Jacket)

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Xena appeals to all women who want to combine style and safety on motorcycle. This timeless airbag jacket can be worn by everyone thanks to its stretchy leather and guarantees a maximum of comfort. The perfect and feminine fit emphasizes the silhouette while integrating Turtle technology for an optimal protection


Find below the frequently asked questions concerning the Xena airbag jacket. Don’t hesitate to send us further questions.

Can I wear the Xena leather jacket when it is raining?

The Xena leather jacket is high-quality and can be worn when it is raining. However, it was not designed to be waterproof, so we can’t guarantee that you will stay dry under a heavy rain.

How can I maintain the Xena leather jacket?

Like every leather jacket a maintenance is necessary to keep its flexibility and its color. We recommend to maintain the airbag jacket on a regular base using suitable products. Caution, do not wash the jacket with a washing machine or with cleaning supplies, you can damage the leather.

Can I wear a backpack over a Helite airbag system?

Yes, while keeping in mind that the more resistance there is, the slower the airbag will deploy properly. We recommend to adjust your backpack straps fairly wide.

How long will it take for my airbag to deflate?

Your airbag must stay inflated to support and protect the rider long enough. It will take 5-7 minutes for the airbag to deflate completely. If you unscrew and remove the canister, the airbag will deflate quickly. You can unclip and remove the airbag immediately after the fall if you are in a safe area.

Can the airbag activate itself automatically? What if I forget to detach myself?

Helite airbags are mechanical to avoid unexpected airbag activation. Accidental deployments are extremely rare. The tractive force required to activate the airbag is between 20 and 30 kg depending on the size. If a rider forgets to detach from his bike, he will feel a strong tension on his vest or jacket before the airbag is triggered. As the car belt, clip and unclip the motorcycle strap will quickly become a habit.

Xena (women)Adult SAdult MAdult LAdult XL

Height (cm) 

170 - 185175 - 190180 - 195

Chest line (cm) with equipment 

90 - 10095 - 105100 - 110

Hip line (cm) with equipment 

90 - 10595 - 110100 - 115



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