About Helite

About Helite

Helite Airbag Vests & Jackets

Helite airbag technology is revolutionary in the way it protects riders from serious injury in the event of a crash. Using 100% mechanical triggers the Helite system attaches via a lead directly to your bike, deploying the spring loaded CO2 cartridge trigger and inflating the airbag once the rider has been ejected from the motorcycle. Without relying on sensors or electronic aids, the Helite system maximizes reliability and requires no maintenance. With a patented design, the Helite airbag stabilizes the neck, spine and torso, reducing the force of impacts to vital organs and the spinal column. Tested in labs and in the real world, Helite airbag vests and airbag jackets have saved countless riders and deliver unmatched safety to street, track and off road riders alike.

Helite Airbag Technology, developed to protect motorcyclists, as well as riders in the equestrian industry, hang gliders, skiers, and more. Advanced airbag technology is revolutionizing safety gear for all. With Helite 15 years of experience in airbag development, they have designed the most effective mechanical airbag system in the world. Experience an airbag deployment, and start riding airbag equipped!


Helite was founded in 2001 by Gérard Thevenot, an early pioneer in the light aircraft industry. Gérard won the French innovation cup for developing the first personal airbag system for light aircraft pilots, and subsequently continued developing the technology for motorcyclists and equestrians. Using his 35+ years of engineering experience, Gérard has continually improved the Helite system, making it the only motorcycle airbag ithe world to obtain full CE certification.

Helite airbags have the quickest mechanical trigger and inflation device in the world, with full deployment in under 100ms. Helite uses electronic systems for the olympic ski team and other industries, but firmly believe that the mechanical system is the best choice for motorcycle riding. The mechanical system is reliable and can be reset inexpensively by the consumer. 

Helite has sold over 60,000 airbag systems worldwide. Rigorous testing in the laboratory and in the real world continues to affirm Helite as the world leader in personal airbag technology.
Since the airbag technology is applicable to many hazardous activities, HELITE has become an expert, dedicated exclusively to the development of individual protection systems.
Helite airbags are already used in a wide range of fields such as motorcycles, horseback riding, skiing, aeronautics, industrial and medical.



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